Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory Compliance

A core responsibility of in-house legal is to ensure you are complying with all the laws, regulations, and guidelines that are specific to the organization. Non-compliance can often result in heavy fines and penalties. 

The challenge is to stay abreast of these ever-changing rules and to remain in compliance at all times. This is where a regulatory compliance management system comes in handy.

Compliance Obligation

Create a compliance obligation using Legal Track’s user-friendly interface. You can monitor all obligations by type, date, or by entity. Legal Track also allows you to add and edit compliance types. 

Our automated alert management feature will constantly update you on the progress of each obligation.

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Allocating Compliance Tasks

Using our task allocation feature, you can delegate important tasks to multiple contacts within your organization. 

Not only that, but Legal Track also has a built-in approval process for allocated tasks. 

Our automated alert management system keeps all parties in the loop, up until the completion of the obligation.

Email Tracking

With our Outlook and Office 365 integration, all important email correspondence will be tracked and archived under each compliance record.

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Store and manage all documents related to regulatory compliance, attached to each compliance type.

Legal Track provides complete document management capability for compliance tracking.


View and track important compliance information by stages, tasks, dates, and other key metrics.