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At last, a solution natively
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Enterprise Legal Management

You want it simple, we got you covered!

Here at Legal Track, we have an Enterprise Legal Management system, ELM for short, that has it all. So, what exactly is an ELM system? ELM encompasses all facets of a legal department’s operations. 

This includes contract lifecycle management (CLM), litigation, corporate governance, document management, legal spend management (e-Billing), regulatory compliance, and subpoena management.

Legal Track integrates with your Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. This means ease of use and a faster learning curve.

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The Challenge for Legal Departments

Corporate legal departments “juggle and struggle” with multiple software applications to manage their business processes. 

Other departments work with Excel spreadsheets, along with a stream of Windows folders and paper files. 

All this adds pressure, to an already stressful job and deteriorates productivity. These factors combined, affect the bottom line of your business, i.e costs.

Benefits of Legal Track

When you work with Legal Track, you work with a unified system. The entire business processes of a legal department flow from one point to the next, like a well-oiled machine. Legal Track can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook or through an internet browser. 

At the same time, important emails are tracked under a specific contract or matter file. Your documents are saved in Office 365, and all matter-related information is shared from a central database.

You can manage all matter file types, including insurance claims, litigation, general matters, intellectual property, and lease management. Legal Track is fully customizable, and also comes with a built-in alert management module.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

An AI solution for a legal department, reduces the manual work of the in-house staff. With AI, your contract metadata can be automatically extracted and  tagged. 

Automated notifications and alerts can be generated for critical deadlines. 

e-Billing solutions using artificial intelligence (AI), are also capable of flagging discrepancies within outside counsel invoices. 

This reduces the margin of error, saving you a considerable amount of time and money.

Benefits of a Microsoft integrated system

Legal Track is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. This means we are also natively integrated with other Microsoft products. Your data is protected with Microsoft Cloud Services and backed by enterprise-grade security. Click here to view the Microsoft Security Compliance document.