Matter Management for in-house Counsel

Gone are the days when legal professionals would shy away from technology. Today’s legal departments are aggressively implementing programs like Case Management System, Scanning Solutions, E-discovery Software, Legal Hold, E-billing, Document Management. You name it!  These organizations realize that without these tools in place, the opportunity costs are much higher.  Whether it is a legal department within a private organization or government, both face similar challenges.  These departments primarily do legal file management that revolves around civil litigation, contract management, grievances and intellectual property etc.  At the same time, a great deal of work is outsourced to the outside counsel.


The Challenge for General Counsel

The general counsel and in-house attorneys were trained to practice the law. However, they are now also required to manage the outside counsel law firms, evaluate their performances, perform a budgetary cost-benefit analysis and monitor the performance of their own departments. These added duties have put the legal departments under tremendous pressure. The keyword is value and they have to strive very hard to meet these challenges and expectations. Fortunately, all of this can be accomplished using the right technology.


The right solution

Selecting the right technology can be challenging and overwhelming, as the choices available are endless. Our software, Legal Track, is designed especially for the legal departments. To start with, a law department has to manage any type of legal file. You can simply use the software with complete matter management.

There are other features available to make the software even more useful. Many legal departments want to control the legal spend and streamline the invoicing process. This can easily be handled using our E-billing feature. Not only that, you can also share and exchange documents with the outside counsel using the shared document management capability.

Why Microsoft Friendly Software?

Most law departments already use Microsoft Outlook for the email and task management, meaning it would be ideal for the software users to have something that enables them to work from single software application. Legal Track software is built inside Microsoft Outlook, which means that by using our software you will be able to perform complete matter management from Outlook itself. Having a Microsoft friendly software also means ease of integration with applications like Word, Excel and other industry standard application. This creates a favorable setting for the entire legal team and extremely high level of adoption by the users.

Cloud vs. On Premises

Legal Track™ is available in the Cloud as an online application or you can purchase our solution outright and have it installed on your company servers. Legal Track utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the base platform and uses SQL database as the back-end. No matter what requirements you have on your wish list, Legal Track™ will have a solution for you.

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