Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organizations can benefit from Legal Track™?

Legal Track™ is a case Management software, used solely by legal departments of private and government organizations.

Is Legal Track™ available only in the cloud?

Legal Track™ is offered in the cloud or as an in-house software program installed on your local server. The cloud version is priced on a per-user per-month basis whereas, the in-house version (server installed software) can be purchased outright. There is no difference in the functionality. You can use Legal Track™ as a web client or in Outlook regardless of the version you use.

Is there any difference between the cloud and on-premise version?

There is no difference between the cloud and the on-premise version.

Where is my data stored?

If you are using the cloud version of Legal Track™, your data is stored on our secured cloud servers at a reputable data center. Our cloud servers are HIPAA compliant and all your data is fully encrypted. If you opt for the in-house version then of course, the data would be housed on your local servers.

Can I get a backup copy of my database if I am using the cloud version?

Yes. You can choose to get a copy of your database upon request at an additional charge. Alternatively, you can export the data in Excel format from the software itself.

Can a law firm use Legal Track™?

No. Legal Track is designed and used only by Corporate Legal Departments.

We currently use Office 365. Is your software compatible?

Yes. Legal Track is fully compatible with Office 365.

Can you migrate data from our existing system?

In most cases, yes. We need to gather more information on your data migration needs.

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