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Corporate governance is an integral part of a legal department operation. Due to different legal processes, in-house counsel is inundated with multiple software or even a lack of system altogether.

However, when it comes to corporate governance, the majority of legal departments store and manage information via Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and emails.

Legal Track allows in-house legal staff to manage entities and other aspects of corporate governance, using a unified system that manages other areas of the corporate governance.

Subsidiary and Branches

With Legal Track, you can quickly create a subsidiary or branch location attached to a specific entity.

Furthermore, you can view all the entity relationships in the form of an organizational chart. Our workflow notifications can trigger important alerts, such as upcoming meetings, shareholder updates, expiring insurances, certifications, and other critical updates. 

Why rely on your own memory or rudimentary manual notifications that might contain errors, when Legal Track can remind you with contextual, automated notifications?

This is a more efficient system with less room for human error!

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Email, Notes and Documents

All email correspondence, notes, and documents are attached at the entity level. There is no need to drag and drop email records. 

Simply click on the “Tracking” option and all incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived under the Related Emails tab. 

Legal Track gives you the ability to also create folders and upload documents, all of which will be displayed under the related entity.

Shareholder and Contact Information

Now, you can store all shareholder information under a designated tab attached to each entity. Manage and update shareholder information along with the equity percentage, equity type, and important dates.

You can store information related to contacts with designations and mandate terms.

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Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes

With Legal Track’s entity management module, you can create yearly meeting agendas in advance. Meeting invitations can be sent to board members. 

Additionally, other important information, such as meeting agendas and meeting minutes, can be attached to respective entities. 

The entire process is handled seamlessly using our Outlook integration.

Related Matters

Last, but not least, you can now view all related matter files, whether they are litigation or contracts, under each entity record. These are just some of the benefits of using an integrated corporate governance module.