Matter Management

Insurance & Litigation


Litigation and Insurance Claims

Most litigation matters are handled by outside counsel. However, this does not mean a legal department should not have a proper database to track and oversee their litigation cases. On the other hand, there are other in-house counsel teams that handle their litigation matters internally. 

What about legal departments that deal with insurance claims? What happens when a claim is not settled and turns into litigation? Being an all-in-one solution, Legal Track’s goal is to handle every possible scenario.

Insurance Claims

Our system comes with a simple-to-use, insurance claims management module. In-house counsel can now create a claim file containing important details, related to a specific claim.

This includes information such as incident details, damages claimed, insurance details, incident dates, parties involved, etc.

Legal Track handles the entire claim process, from the initial claim request all the way to the resolution, using  one single form. 

If a claim turns into litigation, Legal Track workflows can quickly convert the claim into a litigation file. This is performed with a single click of a button. 

Within an insurance claim file, you can view all the related email correspondence, documents, and notes.

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Litigation Management

Litigation is a long, tedious process. With Legal Track, the user can capture every stage of the litigation process with just two clicks. 

Whether you want to keep track of ongoing pleadings, depositions, or any other stage, you can now do so with ease. 

The biggest part of any litigation file, is the exchange of emails and documentation between the in-house team and outside counsel

With our Outlook integration, tracking this information is a breeze. You simply track the first email, and the remaining thread will automatically archive under that litigation file.

Outlook Integration

Our Outlook integration not only tracks incoming and outgoing emails, but also gives you the ability to delegate tasks and appointments

Important calls and appointments with outside counsel can be tracked to a specific matter file. Documents can be shared online with outside counsel, using the secure Microsoft Cloud infrastructure.

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General Matter management

With Legal Track, you are not just limited to litigation or contract management. We go above and beyond, and provide the capability to manage non-litigation matters, intellectual property, lease management, and so much more. 

No matter what matter type you have, we got it covered!

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Document Management

We provide complete document management capability to attach documents, maintain version history as well as check-in and check out features. 

You can share documents with outside counsel using Microsoft OneDrive.


Legal Track comes with a predefined set of reports for litigation, insurance claims, matter management, and more. We provide drill down capability so users can analyze their reports from multiple angles. 

Moreover, Legal Track utilizes a business intelligence engine for its reporting.