Case Management for Legal Departments

Built inside Outlook

Legal Track is a unified application that provides Case Management, Contract Management, e-Billing, Document management, and Legal Spend Analytics. When you open Microsoft Outlook, you also open Legal Track™ software! You no longer need to juggle multiple software applications (including Microsoft Outlook). Legal Track allows you to create matter files and on the same screen, attach and track your case related emails. Working with Outlook previously also means a shorter learning curve because you are already familiar with the basic navigation.

Work as a Team

A legal department can have multiple matter types. Some of the most common ones include Civil Litigation, Contract Management, Non-Litigation matters, Intellectual property, Union issues/grievances, etc. A case within your relevant subject can be created by a Legal Track user, such as a Corporate Counsel or a Paralegal. After the case creation, an attorney can be assigned to a case and an automatic notification will be triggered. The lead or general counsel will have the ability to monitor the progress of any case file. You can work on a case file individually, or include other Legal Track users as a part of the team. In fact, you can even include the outside counsel on a case file or share documents via our software. The outside counsel can also upload case related documents in real-time.

Document management with

Microsoft SharePoint

Document management is another important pillar of legal case management. Legal Track makes it easy for you to have all your important case-related documents under each case file – similar to email archiving.  By using Microsoft SharePoint document management, you can now view all your case related documents including Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint. What’s more, you can even do a keyword search within your entire document collection in Legal Track.

Since our platform is highly concentrated on Microsoft technologies, we integrate seamlessly with Word and Excel. You can even save a working legal document from Word directly into a Legal Track without saving and uploading. In addition to that, you can maintain document check-in and check out, version control, author comments and read/write privileges on your documents. All this functionality translates into a higher level of productivity and control within your law department. This is efficiency and effectiveness at its finest.

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Office 365 and Exchange Integration

How Email Tracking helps

Legal departments exchange important case information via emails. Legal Track gives you the ability to now attach all incoming and outgoing emails to a case file.  This saves time, improves efficiency and allows you to have everything organized in a structured manner. Legal Track uses smart matching technology to automatically identify and attach an email thread related to a case. You only need to click the track button once and all subsequent emails will be automatically archived under a particular case file. For confidentiality and security reasons, you will have different settings for email track and un-track options.

Using Automated Workflow rules

Legal Track’s configurable workflow management, allows a law department to set up process workflows in advance. For example, you can set the system to receive an email notification prior to important deadlines or court filings. Another example can be a predefined set of multiple tasks to be assigned within your legal team upon a new case creation. Legal Track clients heavily utilize the workflow functionality for their day-to-day matter management. Workflows allow you to run your legal department smoothly according to your business processes and on your own terms.

Task delegation via Microsoft Outlook

Attorneys and support staff create tasks within their Microsoft Outlook on a regular basis. Legal Track gives these users the ability to now tag the same tasks to ‘a matter file’. This means you can create a new task and view the details of the same task under a matter file. The tasks are referenced as ‘open tasks’ or ‘closed tasks’ under the matter file detail section. You can also delegate a case related task to your team member.  This task will then show under a case file with the assigned user ID. In a similar fashion, Outlook appointments can be created and then referenced to a case file.  All Legal Track users will continue to use the same Outlook calendar.

Have it your way! (customization)

The general counsel has their own set of requirements and expectations in place, in order to manage their legal departments. These requirements often demand a robust case management solution. Sometimes the requirements can be incorporated into the system from the get-go. Other times, as users become more familiar with the system, they demand further enhancements. This is the time when they don’t want to hit a wall. The Legal Track platform allows us to customize the software the way you want it. Legal Track is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and utilizes industry-standard Microsoft technologies.

Drill down Dashboards and Reports

The general counsels’ roles within a legal department are extremely dynamic and demanding.  They are expected to make decisions not just based on their legal expertise but also on the budgetary constraints and the corporation’s overall objectives. This balanced approach requires access to critical data, in the form of reports and real time dashboard (charts).  Legal Track provides general counsels with meaningful reports related to legal budgets, outside counsel invoices, staff assigned tasks, caseloads, performance benchmarks etc.

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